Listen Up! Google Cloud Reader reaches 50 episodes

Google’s multicolored cloud icon rests between the pads of two over-ear headphones, with the words “Google Cloud Reader” beneath

If you’re anything like me, you love reading, but also appreciate that sometimes your eyes need to be doing other things; whether it’s finding your exit off the highway, or keeping your puppy from destroying the couch.

And sometimes the thought of sitting down to read something just feels like it’s going to take valuable multi-tasking time away from my day. I know, I know, multitasking can be frowned upon, but it’s the way I live a good chunk of my life, and it’s working out so far. And while I’m not alone in my multitasking, I’m also not alone in my desire for a non-visual way to get this content, or any content.

*Google Cloud Reader enters the chat*

Google Cloud Reader is a podcast that lets you listen to the Google Cloud Blog posts that aren’t as dependent on visuals. This means they’re articles that are, or are adapted to be, less focused on graphs, or code samples, and instead describe the meaning behind those visual aids.

Ruthie, a light colored French Shepherd puppy, sits with her giant feet dangerously close to several cords connected to a camera, with a giant smile on her face

It’s an easy, audible way to absorb content around all things new in Cloud, while still being able to make sure Ruthie doesn’t eat my work from home equipment.

So by now you’re probably thinking “OK, so you started a podcast during the pandemic, even though you definitely seemed like the type to start making sourdough” — and you’re right. My 53 plants agree with you. But rest assured, one can listen to an episode of this podcast *while* creating a macramé plant hanger, or waiting for bread to rise — Multitasking, am I right?

We’re a little over 50 episodes/macramé plant hangers in, so you should check it out (Ruth and I would appreciate it).

Some of my personal favorites

Beginners Guide to Painless Machine Learning — Learn how to get started with Google Cloud AI tools

Introducing GKE Autopilot: A Revolution in Managed Kubernetes — Learn more about GKE Autopilot, a revolutionary mode of operations for managed Kubernetes that lets you focus on your software, while GKE Autopilot manages the infrastructure.

Cook up your own ML recipes with AI Platform — ​​Learn about Mars Wrigley’s new ML-inspired recipe experiment on Google Cloud and how you can get started with your own.

Recovering Global Wildlife Populations using ML — Review Google’s Wildlife Insight’s ML project and help users create an image classification model for motion-sensor cameras (called camera traps) used to help protect wildlife in an non-invasive way by collecting and tagging species via pictures.

Let me know your favorite episodes, and what other articles you’d like to hear on Twitter @jbrojbrojbro

No matter why you prefer an audio format, we’ve got you covered.

Google Cloud Reader, where we read the tech blog for you, and to you.

More Google Cloud Reader at ​​

Feeling meta? Listen to this post here



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